Cheaper Than Therapy

Apparently, this is my therapist’s answer to the slacker syndrome she’s so fond of discussing. I wonder if I can get a refund? Still, it’s the best idea I’ve had in…well, ever. I also, apparently, have more personalities than I know what to do with, so it’s not like this’ll be a subject matter type log. You might read anything that’s getting under my skin at the particular moment I’m writing. You have been forewarned…

This better be cheaper than therapy, and it better work, or I’ll lose– well, nevermind.

Opening Salvo

OK. Enough is enough. Apparently, actually learning something in school has become optional in the U.S. I am a product of the school system here (I’m ashamed to say). And trust me, there’s enough blame to go around. So, if you’re a teacher who’s fed up with low pay and horrible working conditions, well, tough. If you’re a parent who thinks they know better than the teachers who spend the majority of their time with your friggin’ kid, so be it. If you’re an administrator who bemoans the lack of funding, No Child Left Behind, or pay for performance schemes, well f**k you as well.

Here’s a look at what makes America quite possibly the stupidest nation on earth…

Sometime during the week of March 10th 2008, Time magazine published a letter from a reader who calls himself Larry Roth. Mr. Roth would have us believe (or even worse, believes himself) that “Knowing first hand that war is indeed hell, McCain would probably not deploy troops until he has explored all other options.” Uh, not to put too fine a point on it, McCain’s time in a POW camp, while horrible, deplorable, and worthy of the greatest sympathy, might just as well have made him a revenge nut. And no, we wouldn’t necessarily know that–look how long George Bush fooled the world, and he was only a ‘C’ student.

Of course, never having been captured by enemy combatants, and never having been subjected to excruciating torture, I cannot know the horrible thoughts going through McCain’s head (but neither can you) . So, while quite possibly a noble argument sentiment, the thought that a certainly psychologically damaged candidate (how could he not be damaged by being a POW?) would not put us into another war (or make this one worse) is wishful thinking at its best.

Of course, I can only imagine the horrors that McCain witnessed during his time in captivity, but these are not necessarily things that would qualify him for Chief Executive. Think: if the NYPD hired a cop who’d been tortured, would you hold them responsible for hiring him if he shot up a Quickie-Mart because he saw VC hiding behind the Doritos?